Who we are

Melting Box is an Association for the Social Advancement founded in 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
It was born out of the passion and ideals of a group of friends and professionals who are avid supporters and promoters of processes of active, inclusive and participatory citizenship.

Melting Box is a catalyst for ideas, networks, people and projects constantly engaging with one another, bothwithin and outside of Europe.

Melting Box consists of a mix of professionals with diverse skills and areas of expertise: from communication to social inclusion, from transnational migration and asylum issues to co-operation and project management.

What can you do?


Melting Box is a reality made by people who actively strive for innovation and social improvement, starting from a collective work with those sectors of the population too often left at the margins of our contemporary societies.

We believe that real social change cannot truly happen unless it is a collaborative effort. Hence, we are open to collaborate with all those realitieswhowant to buildwith us an open and participative society, beyond social and geographical borders. These could be for-profit as well as non-for-profit organisations or associations, active on a national, European and/or extra-European scale.


If you share our mission goals and you want to let us know about your reality and projects, get in touch with us..we can collaborate!